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Willow Spitfire

These pages are here to help you find out more about Rutland Willows and some of the products and services we offer.  Of course there are our willow animals and sculptures (why not come along and learn how to make them) and then there are other strings to our bow such as Dry Stone Walling and Hedge Laying.

Details of our courses and our price list are on the Animals & Courses page.  

Our 2021 is looking as uncertain as 2020 turned out to be.  I think I will be spending most of my time at the workshop at Wymondham Windmill.  As we're likely to not have shows every weekend from April to September, I will contiue to run courses in the workshop for 2 or 3 people on whichever day they wish to come.  I will still do the same ones (Pheasant basic and Fox advanced) but rather than just Saturdays or Wednesdays I will run them whenever suits the small group.  Just contact me via the form on the contact page or direct via the email details listed.  I may not update the course leaflet until the year firms up a little more!

We have been fortunate to be able to contiue working through the 3rd lockdown, Louise on the walls and me (on my own!) in the workshop and have made a variety of things from Badgers to 10ft tall Giraffes.  We continue to be greatful for those commissions so if you require a gift that is something different drop us a line and we'll see what we can do to help. In fact, I am hedge laying during February and March and have a number of commissions that take me into April so please bear that in mind when requesting items.

I have just updated the 2021 Price List with only my Boxing Hares changing and falling in line with other objects of similar size 

Stay Safe and thanks for visiting Rutland Willows

Willow Animals


Pictures of a selection of the willow animals we've made

Other Willow Objects


Pictures of some of the other willow objects we've made or been asked to create

Dry Stone Walling and Hedgelaying

Pictures of some of our Dry Stone Walling and hedgelaying projects