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It is with great sadness that we announce the sudden passing of Rutland Willows founder John Shone.  He passed in his garden on 29th April 2023 and his funeral was on 24th May 2023.

He will be missed, not just by his family, but by the larger community.  His breadth of horticultural, agricultural and rural craft knowledge, allied with his willingness to pass that knowledge on has helped a number of people find new careers.

His mark will be left not just in the memories of him sharing his stories, but also on the landscape as many of his dry stone walls and hedges are dotted around Rutland and the surrounding counties.

These pages are here to help you find out more about Rutland Willows and some of the products and services we offer.  Of course there are our willow animals and sculptures (why not come along and learn how to make them) and then there are other strings to our bow such as Dry Stone Walling and Hedge Laying.

Details of our courses and our price list are on the Animals & Courses page.  

I am continuing to run courses in the workshop (or The Barn at the Windmill!) for 2 to 4 people on whichever day they wish to come.  I will still do the same courses (Pheasant basic and Fox advanced) but will run them on whichever day suits the small group.  Just contact me via the form on the contact page or direct via the email details listed.

Due to some people not being able to download the Price List I have added a photo of the 2023 version to the animals reel of just the prices listed.  Please be aware that this is just a guide as not everything I make can be listed so if you want to know what something might cost just contact us and ask.

I have completed almost all my 2023 commisions now only have a few days left if you want something a little  different for Christmas this year.  My last for for getting specific willow in to soak is Friday 8th Dec.  After that, it will be whatever I have ready!

I do have stock of some smaller items (Pheasant, Owls and Leaping Hares) so if you think one of those might be a good present idea then pop by the workshop and have a look.  

Thanks for visiting Rutland Willows.

Willow Animals


Pictures of a selection of the willow animals we've made

Other Willow Objects


Pictures of some of the other willow objects we've made or been asked to create

Dry Stone Walling and Hedgelaying

Pictures of some of our Dry Stone Walling and hedgelaying projects